Contact Us To Join Team:
    Get on our Discord, send an Email, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, or via this site and tell us that you would be willing to join the promotional team! We NEED you! We have to grow this Podcast and that'll help us make much better content at a faster pace!
    What You Need To Do:
    You'll need to supply screen shots or tag Chris Cowan & Brad Munyan on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, where you decide to promote our Podcast series. Post our episodes, and our platforms podcast sites.
    What This Earns You
    This will give you a free premium membership to this site, and Loose Reality Inc's website and all of the various Downloads and features that entails, but you'll also be a Live Premier YouTube chat mod, a mod on discord, given custom emojis, Podcast backgrounds and special podcast outtakes, clips and extras.
    Why We Need This Promo?
    We need to build a following and have our Podcast shared and picked up by new people and the more Social Media posts are made about the better. Each time we get more viewers and are given more reach and awareness it brings us closer to better audio quality, editing, more content and better content too!
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